The Jewish National Fund


MHG Architects PC

Photos: Björg Magnea

A 24,000 square foot mansion in the Gothic style completed in 1921 for Arthur Sachs of the financial firm Goldman Sachs, has been the home of the Jewish National Fund since 1954. Kelmar was contracted to gut, renovate and restore this beautiful landmark.

Extensive reinforcement of the existing structure was needed using 55 tons of structural steel while front and rear structural members were modified. De-commissioning the existing elevator and removing the elevator shaft while building a new shaft and elevator also required localized underpinning. The modernization included completely new mechanical systems. The detailed limestone façade was refurbished to its former glory along with a new anexed glass curtain wall façade.

Inside the building the original features were restored and preserved including ornate cast iron columns, classical vaulted ceilings and original oak doors. This project also achieved a LEED Silver rating.


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