Since 1992

Kelmar Designs, one of New York’s leading builders and construction management companies has successfully exceeded our client’s expectations. We are a trusted provider of superior construction services for the commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

When Kelmar is awarded a project, our goal is to build an enduring professional relationship – one with respect, cooperation and integrity as its cornerstones.

Regardless of a project’s type or size, a diverse pool of talent consistently ensures that the most exacting standards are met and the client’s most demanding objectives realized. Our clients can expect not only project completion on time and within budget, but also the assurance that we are working toward a common goal.

Our project managers are trained in every aspect of construction operations.  All have hands on experience in budgeting and estimating, value analysis, scheduling, contract review, purchasing and project control.  Our in-house estimating and contract groups provide support resource for all our projects.

Kelmar Designs Where construction means commitment and a celebration of community

‘I’ve known Paul for almost 10 years now. He has completed two high-end projects for me. He’s a good contractor with a good staff and more importantly he is a stand-up guy. He’ll be there at the end of the project when things go wrong and will work to get it right for you’.

Jeffrey Gershon, Developer

“Our professional staff consists of a qualified and experienced team, which includes executives, engineers, estimators, project managers, site superintendents, carpenters, laborers and support staff.”

Professional Affiliations & Awards

New York City Mayor’s Office of Contractors with Grade A rating
Building Trades
Professional Engineer
Excellent rating from City of New York Mayor’s Office
Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Building Brooklyn 2016 Award – Hellenic Classical Charter School
Civic Builders’ Scholarship Initiative Sponsor
Architectural Record feature for NYC Townhouse project