St. Peter’s RC Church – Upper


Nelson Architects

St Peter’s church underwent an entire mechanical and architectural restoration of the main floor and Mezzanine. Two packaged air-conditioning units were installed in the ceiling from access through the roof. Linear diffusers were cut into the existing ceiling and the return air grilles were custom fabricated to compliment some of the artistic details of the Church. The plaster walls, ceilings and ornamental details were stripped back to the original base paint. All failing or cracked plaster was removed and re-plastered. All the walls and ceilings were skim coated to a smooth and consistent finish.

The ornamental plaster details received a glazing & faux gilding with non-tarnishing imitation gold paint finish. The existing murals were examined by a fine art conservator. Tests were performed and a recommended treatment implemented. The Crucifixion painting above St. Peter’s main altar (painting by Mexican artist Jose Vallejo was a gift from the archbishop of Mexico City in 1789) was examined by the art conservator and underwent complete restoration.

Two trompe l’oeil paintings that mimicked two ornate grilles were also restored. A religious Latin inscription was hand painted using Alpha characters in the frieze above the altar. The existing marble and terrazzo was cleaned, restored and polished. New lighting was installed throughout the Church controlled by a Lutron dimming system. Access to the lamps located in the 40’ foot high ceiling required the fixtures to be custom made so that changing the lamps could be performed from the attic space. The existing base building fire alarm system was upgraded to interface with the new air conditioning systems.


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