St Ignatius Loyola School & Church

Architect: Ernest Harris Architects

  1. Complete renovation of the school Cafeteria:
  2. Complete renovation of Wallace Hall.
  3. Selective renovation of the main church.
  4. Selective renovation of the lower church.
  5. Complete renovation of the school Library.

The school cafeteria scope included the installation of a new commercial kitchen and HVAC system in the basement of the school. A distinctively designed vaulted ceiling with a customized acoustical material detail was constructed to accommodate the HVAC system. Job conditions were challenging. The extensive demolition and underpinning of the foundation was labor intensive since this site did not accommodate the standard equipment typically used for this work. The traditional terrazzo floor was installed over a 4″ sand bed. A laminated moisture resistant wainscot and terrazzo base detail were applied to tapered columns.

Since 75% of the floor space was used for storage of materials, the area available for staging and actual construction was extremely limited, seriously impacting the trades’ production. Kel-Mar’s final successful challenge was meeting an 8-week completion schedule in time for the children to return to school in September.

In Wallace Hall the following work was completed:

  • A complete renovation of the existing space, providing new ceilings & walls (reinforced to accommodate youth basketball).
  • A new HVAC system made up of several split systems units with air-handling units located in the ceiling and in a purpose built machine room with the condensers located outside the hall on an adjacent upper roof.
  • A floor wide installation of fire protection system and fire alarm tied into the existing building systems and tied into the main fire alarm panel for the building.
  • A new built up stage and sound system.
  • In the main church we completed historic painting and conservation work at the main church which included the following;
  • Scraping and painting of the existing walls and ceilings taking them back to the base paint and opening the cracks and filling patching with plaster.
  • Touch-up existing gilding and prepare new gilding on column capitals with patina.
  • Restored murals at the sanctuary area made up of oil and canvas and oil and plaster.
  • Flat and ornamental plaster restoration of decorative trim on the ceilings and the walls, creating new in place running molds and cast molds varying in size from 3’ to 8’ long and from 3” to 12” deep.
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