St. Catherine’s Church (School)

Photos: James R. Morse NYC

Architect: Ernest Harris Architects 

Kel-Mar’s challenge on this project was to erect a structural steel, concrete and masonry building attached to the existing school building in an extremely short and inflexible summer schedule. Diligent pre-construction planning and the creation of a thoroughly detailed schedule enabled Kel-Mar to successfully achieve all goals. In an effort to minimize any disruptions to school operations, on-site mobilization and ground breaking did not occur until all schedule sensitive materials were procured. Then, Kel-Mar continually made certain that all sub-contractors adhered to the plan, while ensuring that none of the trades skimped on quality. Although site safety is always a serious consideration on any of Kel-Mar’s projects, this project demanded even more rigorous attention due to the location and nature of the job. Six-day workweeks were implemented from July through August to accommodate days lost due to inclement weather.  Kel-Mar completed this venture on time and to the complete satisfaction of its clients and consultants.

St. Aloysius School
Marian Shrine – Stony Point NY