St. Aloysius School

Photos: James R. Morse NYC

Architect: Acheson Doyle Partners

Kel-Mar has done a couple of projects for this elementary school in Harlem. One included the addition of a new school wing in the rear courtyard of the existing building – making excavation and steel erection a formidable challenge.  St. Aloysius remained in session, even during the summer months, further complicating the logistics of this venture.  Detailed preparation included such things as erecting steel by hand to mitigate the disruption to teachers and students. Kel-Mar’s well thought out pre-construction, coupled with a carefully choreographed schedule enabled Kel-Mar to successfully complete the structural and interior construction for the new wing’s opening in time for the start of the new school year that September.

A second project for St. Aloysius involved adding one new story to the existing 3-story building.  Kel-Mar built out the interior space to include new classrooms, a science lab, computer labs, and new bathrooms. Scope also included providing a new access/ limited use (LULA) elevator; as well as a new general exhaust to the new and existing spaces. Lastly, new windows were furnished and installed throughout. Again, Kel-Mar was required to complete all work in time for the new school year beginning in September; and all work took place while the school was occupied.  Once again, Kel-Mar successfully accomplished all objectives.

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St. Catherine’s Church (School)