402 West 13th Street

Photos:  Björg Magnea

Architect: PK & S&B Architects

402 West 13th Street is a new, landmarked, out of the ground five story 20,000 square foot office building. The basement and ground floor are used for retail space. An existing two story structure was demolished in order to accommodate the new structure.

The structure is built of concrete on q-deck supported by steel framing.  Lateral system consists exclusively of moment resisting frames.  The foundation is made up of reinforced foundation walls supported by a single 2’-6” reinforced concrete mat footing.  Excavation was complicated and involved soldier piles and deep underpinning with soil anchors as well as extensive dewatering.  The subsurface water was contaminated so an extensive onsite treatment system was implemented.

The façade consists of a combination of terracotta rain screen, brick masonry and stucco. Windows are six feet wide by eleven feet high.  A large glass and steel framed canopy overhangs the sidewalk over the entire width of the property.  Below this canopy, the ground floor façade is a glass and aluminum storefront.  Building is conditioned by separate air handling units on each floor.  New gas, electric, water, sprinkler and sewer services were installed.

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