Dobbis Residence (Spruce Hill)

Photo: Simon Cherry NYC

Architect: Alexander Gorlin Architects 

Kel-Mar provided services for the alteration, renovation and modification of a 1950 era house nestled on a 15-acre estate.  The existing wood façade was stripped back to the sub-strate; and then a traditional stucco application was applied to the entire exterior of the house.  A zinc-coated standing seam roof with matching gutters and leaders accentuate the transition of wall to roof.  Work also included the addition of a new front entry, as well as a spectacularly renovated master bathroom that included a raised stone bathtub on a platform, and double engraved copper countertop lavatory sinks.  A faux finished domed ceiling detail and double glass shower complete the master bath suite.  Full height dormers in-filled with floor to ceiling windows open up the views of the lake and windmill.  A tinted and textured concrete floor in the kitchen provided the thermal mass needed for the radiant floor heating; and a new European fabricated kitchen included granite tops and a stainless steel backsplash detail.

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