Narragansett Hotel

Architect:  Donald & Lisa Sclare Architects

This 62,000 square-foot twelve story hotel is owned and operated by Housing and Services Inc., a nonprofit group that provides subsidized affordable housing.

This twelve story building originally constructed in 1904 underwent an extensive renovation.  The existing entrance lobby floor structure was lowered to match street level for wheel chair accessibility.

The lobby itself was completely refurbished and expanded.  One of the existing twelve story stairs was removed to accommodate upgraded services throughout the building.  The other stair was substantially replaced with new.

Incoming services were upgraded.  A new boiler was installed.  Corridors, egress areas, and dwelling units were renovated.  A new roof was installed and all facades and parapets underwent extensive repair.  The existing sprinkler tank elevated above the roof was replaced.  The construction work was phased so that occupants could continue to reside in the building during the entire process.


2 Lincoln Square
Private Townhouse East 85th St